The Portland Chinese Golf Club
Host of the 2017 Northwest Tournment

Name GHIN Club Phone #* eMail Address* Senior HoleInOne Club Photograph
Bill Chan PDXCGC Yes Gold
Is that a US Ryder cup hat??
Celia Chan PDXCGC No No
Easy Money
Mark Chang PDXCGC 503.407.6641 No No
2015 Founder's Cup Champion
Rita Chan Social Member No No
Looking for a photo
Steven Chan PDXCGC No No
And the winner is.....Steve Chan
Patrick Chin PDXCGC 503.288.2184 Yes No
My driver is going to be okay
Forrest Denno PDXCGC No Gold
Jeremy Diehl PDXCGC No Gold
Terry Emard PDXCGC No No
Laville Fendors PDXCGC 503.880.6025 No Gold
Putting for real money
Sunny Freestone PDXCGC No Gold
Looking for a photo
Dan Hutchins PDXCGC     No Gold
Such a classic form
Darryl Inouye PDXCGC No Silver
The group in front is r.e.a.l.l.l.y slow
Joe Ito PDXCGC ? No No
Middle of the fairway?
Rian Kindig PDXCGC No Gold
Beatrice Lee

Honored Member

2015 Awards Banquet
Bob Lee PDXCGC   Silver
I didn't hear him...honest
Jay Lee PDXCGC 503.380.7721 No No
My point is this!
John E. Lee PDXCGC Yes No
How was The Reserve South Course?
Lawrence Lee PDXCGC No Gold
It belongs to me now
Stephen Leo PDXCGC Yes Gold
Who should we ask?
Carl Louie PDXCGC     Yes Gold
Where should the cut be???
Clark Louie PDXCGC 503.209.0015 Yes Gold
Did you see that one?
Jerry Low PDXCGC 503.381.9058 No Gold
How old is this pict?
Jon Makanani PDXCGC
Lifetime Member
Down the middle
Yoshio Matsuzaki PDXCGC     No Gold
Break, Break, YES!
Taylor McClanathan xxxx 503. ? No No
Gunar Meneks PDXCGC Yes Silver
2015 Club Social Chairperson
Norma Ninomiya
Welcome Back for year 2!
Other No No
Welcome Norma!!
Randy Ninomiya
Back for another year!
Other 503. No No
Welcome Randy!!
April Okazaki PDXCGC No Silver
2015 Club President
Dale Okazaki PDXCGC No Gold
Hello, everybody; Nice to see you
David Oliver PDXCGC Yes No
What are you buying, Dave?
Jon Ollerenshaw Nisei 503.281.3821 Yes  
Jon, Jon, Jon; Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
Brent Onchi PDXCGC     No No
Are those the local rules?
Kelvin Onchi PDXCGC No Gold
I didn't recognize you with the glasses, beard and moustache
Mike Parsons PDXCGC 503. No No
Enter caption here
Jerry Patterson PDXCGC Yes No
What's up?
Adam Railing PDXCGC No Gold
Looking for a photo
Leontine Rawson Social No No
How'd you get my pict?
Phil Robles
Looking forward to another successful year!
No No No
Welcome to the PDX Chinese Golf Club.
Sylvia Robles
Play more golf in year TWO!
Phil, Do you have a picture of Sylvia?
Art Sasaki King City Yes No
2014 Founder's Cup winner, Art SASAKI
Shane Starr PDXCGC 971.404.8734 No Gold
I'll find that one!
John Sturges PDXCGC No Silver
Take the shot John!!
Susie Tanaka PDXCGC Yes No
How many strokes was that again?
Pai Vongthongthip Stumptown No  
Touche, mon ami
Fred Watanabe PDXCGC
Lifetime Member
I know; finish high
Kathy Watanabe PDXCGC Yes
What a lovely day for a stroller or two
Linda Wells Social Member No No
Enter caption here
Philip Wong PDXCGC 503.310.9030 Yes Gold
I prefer bottled
Kay Yamanaka PDXCGC     No Silver
2014 Ron Eng Memorial Champion
Ross Yamasaki PDXCGC Yes Silver
Where are you playing these days?
Marion Yee No Yes  
Michael Yee PDXCGC No Gold
Waimun Yee PDXCGC Yes Silver
It's going right, straight, or left...gauranteed
Mark S. Yoshioka PDXCGC Yes  
Nice KP on #11 at Ghost Creek
Miriam Yoshioka
Will you still bring us goodie in year 2?
Welcome! Keep the cookies coming
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