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Pictures from the 2015 Turkey Shoot

   For those members who weren't able to join the hunt, here's how the hunters and their BIG guns looked at the start of the hunt. Happy Thanksgiving to those who got a turkey.

Pictures from Salish Cliffs

   For those PCGC members who aren't able to attend the 2015 Inter-city tournament, we'll be trying to share some highlights of the golf and celebrations that a happening

Pictures from Border Cup Match

Pictures from InterCity Play

The 19th Hole

   If you have pictures or stories from the 19th Hole, please contact our social chairman or club historian, Ross Yamasaki, or me We'd welcome the opportunity to share your pictures and stories with the rest of the club by putting them on this website.

OVER THERE! It's a bird, it's a plane; no it's just Laville posting scores.
That was funny; Stonecreek delivers some seriously good burgers and beer.
Have fun playing. Enjoy the 19th hole gusto. The auditors can attest how serious the business of score keeping is.

The Annual Awards Banquet

   This years Annual Awards Banquet was held on Februrry 2015 at the Golden Crown Restaurant. et. You'll find pictures from this year and previous years banquet below. Please send me any pictures pictures, stories and andedotes you would like to see on this page.
As you can see the table below needs your contributions

And why do you have the monkey on your back, Clark? So how many awards did you win in a single outing, Bill?
Someone volunteer to visit with Bea and get some of history recorded, Please.
Come over here and let me give you a hug? We'd like to know the story How does it feel to be a winner, Kay? Tell us how you won that trophy.
How's the food and drink, Philip?
Dan, we need the story about her

Dan's Barbeque Party

   Dan's BBQ is traditionally held after the final day of the Club's two day Championship Tournament. Everyone heads for Dan's as soon as they finish their round. The attendees bring something to BBQ and Dan's hougmongous gas BBQ grill. Dan provides his famous ribs and last year we had razor clams that Dan dug, cleans, and grilled. Man they we There's always a pot of fresh sweet corn on the the stove. The beverages are top shelf. And of couse, do we need to mention--the company is sophicated, sauve, and hip.

So why is Lek in kickboxing mode? If you know the story, share it with us. Who's this winner and what's the KP story
Tell us the story again, Laville
Tell us just how you determine the winners
You just point and click to take the picture. Then you press this button and by magic the picture appears on the PDX Chinese Golf Club website.

Liz and Marvin's Potluck Party

   Marvin and Liz know how to party with the best. They traditional have provided a main entree, rice, beer and wine. Attendees are requested to bring a favorite dish, salad, pasta, or dessert. Given the diversity of the clubs membership you can just imagine the breadth of dishes.

   You can sit out on their 10X40 foot back porch and catch-up with friends, acquaintence, or fellow competitors. Tell a few stories, swap a few tall tales, or golf stories and jokes.

   For the long ball hitter in the club, you can try and hit golf balls across the Willamette or maybe take a speedboat trip up and down the river.

   You can watch your favorite sporting event on TV or try you hand at a friendly game of some kind of poker or other card games

   Eventually, Carl will summon everyone to announce the various winners of the Club Championship events such as KP's, payouts, and of course the year's Club champion. We're hoping that 2015 will prove less hectic for the Lee's and that they'll be able to host their potluck while attending to new family members, and weddings.

HELP!! Need more pictures and stories

If you have pictures or stories from past potlucks, please contact our social chairman or club historian, Ross Yamasaki, or me We'd welcome the opportunity to share your pictures and stories with the rest of the club. putting them on this website.
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