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A trip north to Three Rivers Golf Course

We had 27 golfers make the trip to Longview, Washington for a day of golf. A malfunctioning railroad crossing delayed many golfers from getting to the course early as the law abiding Oregonians patiently waited for the train to come. The “locals” knew better and told us that happens all the time and to just look both ways before going across.  That little bit of local knowledge allowed us to make our tee times.

The course had great drainage as always and we actually found extra yardage from the forward roll from our shots. A cold wind and possible showers was enough incentive for Clark Louie to upgrade to a fully covered cart. It was a great call as we also used the cart at the end of the round as a shelter to do our scoring as the late afternoon rain came. In fact the 18th green developed a river that ran right through the hole and off the green. I’m sure that will be the excuse Lek Vongthongthip will use to explain his “Three (Rivers) Putt”.

Patrick Chin was in the second group and set the bar high for KP at Hole #3 that played at 106 yards as he almost got himself a Hole in One. As a consolation prize he walked away with a prized “birdie”.

The first drawing for our Hit the Green raffle by Bill Chan rewarded Carl Louie for “A” Flight and Celia Chan drew our potential new member Toshi Sakuma for the “B” Flight.

2021 Opening Day at Glendoveer East

The Opening Day welcomed 33 golfers to Glendoveer East to test their skills at a course that definitely plays different in the summertime where the dreaded “mud ball” is not a concern. The scores reflected the challenge of the winter conditions as Rian Kindig nets 75 to take low honors. The first round also served as “Training Day” for the many that put on some weight over the off season and needed the “Iron Man” challenge of the steep hills to burn those calories. Welcome back to Harvey Chan who missed last season with surgery for his Achilles as he picked a tough track to walk for his first time back on the course. Skylar Felton one of our newer members missed the last summer with a knee surgery and seemed to bounce back just fine as he placed in the Top 5 on the leaderboard.  Last year we saw Kay Yamanaka cruising around on the Golf Board, but this year the muddy conditions grounded the Golf Boards and Carts from the course. This may be a good thing as Kay recently had shoulder surgery and his doctor would not be too keen on his thrill seeking ways.

2020 Awards & Election Banquet

We had 40 members and guests attend the banquet with suggested “social distancing” of one club length. Many were more trusting and meandered into the “gimme range”.  President John Sturges opened the evening with acknowledgement of the 2019 Board and recap of 2019 events. PCGC showed support to the community with a donation to the Portland Chinese Scholarship Foundation (Mr. Scott Wong) and Ikoi No Kai (Mr. Don Matsuda). Last year’s recipient of the Scholarship award was Ms. Cindy Wu who wrote a nice thank you note stating we helped her with her goal of attending University of Portland to study Nursing.  Mr. Don Matsuda thanked our club as with the current situation every dollar helps in keeping the Senior food service operational.

The staff of The Stockpot Broiler was very accommodating in serving our Braised Beef Brisket and Mediterranean Breast of Chicken dinner. Then VP Darryl Inouye and Rian Kindig gave away door prizes. The first ticket drawn drew “crickets” only to go to the one who misplaced his ticket – Pai Vongthongthip. The top prizes included a Sun Mountain golf bag, TaylorMade M2 hybrid, Calloway Mack Daddy wedge, Odyssey White Hot Pro putter and a dozen Pro V1 golf balls. Our “Mystery Prize” of the evening was claimed by Eric Dold which included 2 sleeves of golf balls, $30.00 gift card to Par West Golf and a roll of premium Toilet Paper (3 layer, low compression).

The entry for the NW Intercity (Vancouver BC) was awarded to John Sturges after Eric Dold had declined the prize due to a commitment to attend a Nebraska Cornhusker game. (Now we know why his eyes lit up for the TP as corn cobs can be a rough ride)

  • Clark setting the trophy table

  • Clark test drive the Mack Daddy

  • Matsu want Mack Daddy

  • Leontine helps with registration

  • Hank needs a drink

  • This could be trouble

  • Eric ask Carl “What is Social Distance?”

  • Rhonda pushing Raffle Tickets

  • President John Sturges

  • Scott Wong – Portland Scholarship Foundation

  • Don Matsuda – Ikoi No Kai

  • Clark gives Treasury Report

  • Stockpot Servers

  • Dinner Time

  • Dinner Plate

  • I found my ticket

  • What is the Mystery Prize

  • This is GOLD

  • Darryl presenting trophies

  • Lek’s 1st Trophy

    Move over Alison … he’s sleeping with it.

  • I did not win this ...

    Just standing in for the Yee’s – Michael and Waimun

  • Awaiting Election Results

  • 2020 President - Darryl Inouye

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Roast Piglet Feast With Our Friends In Vancouver BC

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