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Ralph Moe Memorial – Gunar Meneks

Eastmoreland was under COVID-19 precautions as transactions were taken from a window in the back of the building and only 4 persons were allowed inside the clubhouse at a time. The outdoor area was available for use with staff that sanitized tables and chairs after each occupation. The biggest change we saw was that the golf course was flipped as we started on the Back Nine (which of course is the more challenging side). Carl Louie managed to win the “sudden death” match with a par at Hole #12 against the bogey by Shane Starr. Carl took a 2 up lead into the last nine and ran into a “red hot” Tim Rodrigues who went on to win 3 & 2 to move to the Championship. In the other match Rian Kindig blistered the 1st nine holes with a gross 39 and a 5 up lead to take down the defending champion Forrest Denno 5 & 4 to meet Tim in the Finals.

Waimun Yee was the leader in the clubhouse with a net 70 and felt he left quite a few shots out on the course and could have shot better. It appears Gunar Meneks benefited from those “uh oh” moments and posted a net 68 to have his name etched on the Ralph Moe Memorial trophy.

Ron Eng Memorial Trophy – Tim Rodrigues

Stone Creek welcomed us with overcast skies that turned into a sunny afternoon to compete for the Ron Eng Memorial Trophy. In past years this would have been a perfect day to sit on the deck to enjoy a club sponsored burger while watching the groups roll into the 18th hole. Due to COVID – 19 we had to cancel the burger social and settle for a “rain check”.  Terry Emard was all smiles as he won the Hit the Green raffle earlier in the day for the Pumpkin Ridge outing and also beat his buddy Bobby Lee (as we all know Bobby money spends the best). His net 68 was the leader in the clubhouse and seemed pretty safe as the current trend of the WHS system shows that is one of the best scores posted by the club to date.  Tim Rodrigues came strolling in with the final group and posted a net 63 to reset the season low number and also become the first member to trigger the “Exceptional Score Reduction” (as he scored more than 7 below his handicap). Good job Tim Rodrigues as your new “potential” can be making your next Match Play opponent a little nervous.

2020 NW Intercity Tournament – CANCELLED

The Vancouver Chinese Golf Club has made the decision to cancel the NW InterCity Tournament for 2020 due to uncertainties the COVID-19 crisis poses for the planning of the event.  Our club supports having Vancouver BC host in 2021 to keep the 4 City rotation intact and Portland will assume the hosting duties in 2022. Hopefully those wonderful restaurants will still be open to delight our taste buds.

Rose City – Match Play Qualifier

The forecast for “scattered showers” meant we could get lucky and not see any rain clouds in the area. Unfortunately that was not the case as “pure rain” came down on us for a few holes as we made the turn that brought out umbrellas and rain gear. How did this effect the 19 golfers that signed up for Match Play? Well 8 players netted 80 or worse as only 3 players were destined to miss the cut … there was a glimmer of hope for the 80’s club. Congratulations to Celia Chan as her Net 71 earned her the #1 seed.

The Hit the Green drawing for The Reserve North Course was conducted by Dave Oliver and he rewarded Eric Dold for A-Flight and Rian Kindig for B-Flight. Mike Parsons played the Blue Tees and didn’t hit a green until Hole #15 and it barely hung on to qualify for a ticket as he said in his third person voice “Mike finally got a ticket”.

Founder’s Cup Champion – Rian Kindig

Amazing weather on Sunday brought out golfers to The Reserve North Course to compete for the Founder’s Cup.  Low scores were possible as proven by Skylar Felton (pending new member) who posted a net 64 and Darryl Inouye with a net 67 (but missed the 1st round). Rian Kindig used a brilliant back nine of gross 39 to help him net a 69 to take home the Founder’s Cup trophy. Lek Vongthongthip chose to play from the Black Tees to garner a couple of extra strokes, but that may have cost him as he came up short of expectations trying to stay ahead of the pack chasing him.

Clark “Houdini” Louie gets into many awkward situations on the golf course, but somehow finds a way to bail himself out. At Hole #17 he found the woods on the right side on his second shot and somehow hit an impossible shot that found the front mound of the green and disappear into the hole for a “Birdie”.

In the Hit the Green raffle for the Salem outing we have Carl Louie drawn for the A-Flight and Cherie Anderson drawn for the B-Flight.

2019 Ron Eng Memorial Trophy – Lek Vongthongthip

We had 32 golfers at Stone Creek GC to compete for the Ron Eng Memorial Trophy and enjoy a BBQ Burger social after golf. Darryl Inouye set the front nine on fire by posting a 41 (net 26.5) to be the heavy favorite to add another trophy next to the Club Championship hardware he got last year. The back nine became a reality check and a brutal 5 putt at #16 proved costly. Laville Fendors was having a good day also, but overthinking the firming greens took away the confidence of playing for the back of the cup; resulting in some heartbreaking misses on some easy putts. This opened the door for Lek Vongthongthip who rallied in the back nine to card a 38 with a birdie – birdie finish to have his name etched on the trophy. A comment was made on how his ugly swing can get him a career of 3 Hole in One’s and a Ron Eng Memorial Trophy. He said this was his first win since he joined the club and relived each of his Hole in One’s. This brought up the debate of which is more memorable, winning the Club Championship or getting a Hole in One?? Clark Louie couldn’t remember too many trophies that Ron Eng won, but sure appreciates that Ron got a Hole in One at Forest Hills Hole #17 that was about 185 yards.

  • Eric Dold and new member Hank Lawrence waiting for Dan to clear the green

  • Norma Ninomiya going up the fairway

  • President John Sturges giving his address

  • Eric steps to the plate

  • Darren, Clark and Shane roll onto the 18th with their carts

  • Darren is loving that burger

  • April can’t decide if it goes left or right

  • Randy didn’t get the memo that everyone was wearing blue today

  • Waimun trying to chase down Darryl

  • Celia must have taken a practice swing … there is a pink ball on the fairway

  • Mark, Gunar and Dale waits for Forrest to putt out

  • Joe are you waiting for “Happy Feet” to putt out too??

  • Marvin stays close to the flag to avoid getting hit by a ball

  • Pai is wondering if there is an ATM inside

  • Dale doing some advance math on the scorecard

  • Hey is my burger done yet

  • Mark digging deep in the wallet to pay Darryl

  • Shane is happy to spend time with the gang

  • Randy feels better that Dale didn’t get the memo either

  • Gunar is excited to get his burger

  • Darryl not willing to share his burger

  • Hank tells everyone he passed the test to become a member

  • Make room for Marvin and Liz

  • Laville takes a break from scoring

  • Lek test “selfie mode”

  • Did I win??

  • Thanks for letting me win … 5 putt … Really??

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