Golf’s New Rules: Major Changes

There will be many new rule changes for next year. Don’t be the one that loses a match because you didn’t know how these changes may help.

Here are some examples of the new rules:

Ball at Rest

Portland Chinese Golf Club Icon is Gone!

As I was going to lunch today and I stopped to view this iconic gathering place for many Portland Chinese Golf Club members. I wanted to capture this building right before the wrecking ball makes its will on this old place.

I will miss this joint and will always have fond memories. Thank you, Laville for allowing our club to use “The Crown” for so many years and for so many of our club functions.

Roast Piglet Feast With Our Friends In Vancouver BC

From left to right: Clem Leung (Oakland), Davey Jung, Linda Chan, Anita Jung, John Chik, Jimmy and Jesse Yee all from Vancouver. I don’t how any group can be as good looking as this bunch.  Maybe we need Harry Jung in this picture or maybe more Portland folk.

You can see me and other 4 City players at table behind this one also enjoying a roast piglet.

As you can tell Yoshio is extremely exciting to embark on this feast! With Terry (Oakland) and Edward (Vancouver).