The qualifying round will determine the seeding for the 16 spots available for the Match Play Bracket. The lowest 16 “net” scores will be seeded for bracket play. You can choose to play one or both outings to post a “low net” score to qualify. In case of ties there will be a “tiebreaker” round in which you must play to advance.

Qualifying Round

April 15 – The Reserve – South Course

April 29 – The Reserve – North Course

Tiebreaking Round

May 6 – Elk Ridge

Bracket Round

Round 1: May 27 – Stone Creek

Round 2: June 10 – Orchard Hills

Round 3: June 24 – Eastmoreland

Final Round: July 8 – Cedars


In the event a match ends All Square a “playoff” will occur in the next round while “piggybacking” off the next opponent in the bracket until the match is determined and the winner continues their match with the next opponent.

Entry Fee

$25.00 entry fee for the Match Play Series. Please sign up and pay Carl Louie before the first qualifying round.

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