Vancouver Players Stop in Portland Before Monterey Trip

Davey Jung, Lawrence Low, Jerry Sam and Linda Chan stopped in Portland on May 16th for a round of golf, smiles, laughs and hugs before they continued their trip to Monterey, CA for a Federation Tournament. Lavile Fendors, Waimun Yee and Lawrence Lee did the honors of entertaining them to a round of golf and dinner at Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen.

Since it was the first time for the Vancouver, BC group dining at OCK, they were impressed by the 72 ounce steak on display in the reception area (Portland people have know this for a long time) that if you can eat it all and it’s trimmings it would be free. As a matter of fact, they were so impressed Lawrence Low and Dave Jung and I used it as a photo op. Memories…may be beautiful and yet….

Linda Chan, Lawrence Low and Davey Jung serving up dinner.

72 ounce steak

Nobody was brave enough to try the monumental task of this mighty steak!

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